Lord Justice Fulford

Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office

IPCO provides independent oversight of the use of investigatory powers by intelligence agencies, police forces and other public authorities.

The Prime Minister approved the appointment of The Right Honourable Sir Adrian Fulford as Investigatory Powers Commissioner under the terms of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.


  • Direction on Consolidated Guidance

    Last August, the Prime Minister wrote to the Investigatory Powers Commissioner asking him to continue the oversight of the Consolidated Guidance to Intelligence Officers and Service Personnel on the Detention and Interviewing of Detainees Overseas, and on the Passing and Receipt of Intelligence Relating to Detainees, which had previous been carried out by the Intelligence Services Commissioner.  The IPC accepted the Prime Minister’s request, and has been carrying out this guidance since 1 September 2017.  We are today publishing a copy of the Prime Minister’s direction.

  • Annual Reports

    Today the Annual Reports from our precursor bodies (Office of Surveillance Commissioners, Interception of Communications Commissioner's Office & Intelligence Services Commissioner) have been laid and can be downloaded from the Publications section.

  • Appointment of Judicial Commissioners

    IPCO has announced the appointment of 13 Judicial Commissioners. Download press release.