Policy Documents

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s policies highlight the principles that govern his oversight. We strive to share details of these policies with the general public, where appropriate.

13 February 2023

How IPCO’s oversight of the UK-US Data Access Agreement is carried out.

01 August 2022

Guidance for those who want to disclose information about the use of investigatory powers.

19 April 2021

This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishes a framework for cooperation and information sharing between the Information Commissioner and the Investigatory Powers Commissioner.

25 March 2021

This document sets out the broad framework for the governance of the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office and the Office for Communications Data Authorisations and outlines how the relationship with the Home Office as the sponsoring department will operate.

18 July 2019

Guidance relating to the detention and interviewing of detainees overseas and the passing and receipt of intelligence relating to detainees.

01 August 2018

This policy sets out how we will conduct consultations, the circumstances in which we will conduct them and the operation of such consultations

08 March 2018

This document provides advice and information to public authorities and to the general public as to the general approach that Judicial Commissioners will adopt under the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 when deciding whether to approve decisions to issue warrants, authorisations or notices.

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