Sir Brian Leveson to continue role as Investigatory Powers Commissioner

Published on 19 October 2022

The Prime Minister has reappointed Sir Brian Leveson as the UK’s Investigatory Powers Commissioner for a second three-year term.

The Investigatory Powers Commissioner is responsible for the independent oversight of the use of investigatory powers, ensuring they are used in accordance with the law and in the public interest. He is supported by a number of Judicial Commissioners, the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office (IPCO) and the Office for Communications Data Authorisations (OCDA).

Sir Brian Leveson said:

“It is a privilege to be able to continue my role as the Investigatory Powers Commissioner. The work collectively done by the Judicial Commissioners, IPCO and OCDA is crucial to keeping the country safe while, at the same time, protecting privacy rights and holding the authorities to account.

“We have a robust oversight system in place. I have been impressed with how public authorities have engaged with our work, their commitment to compliance and how they have made significant improvements when required.

“I am proud of all that has been achieved so far in my time in the role and I look forward to the years ahead.”

More than 600 public authorities can use investigatory powers, including the intelligence agencies, police and local authorities. Applications for communications data go directly to OCDA, while applications for the most intrusive investigatory powers are considered first by a Secretary of State and then by IPCO’s Judicial Commissioners. Use of the powers is also overseen by IPCO’s Inspectors, who conduct regular inspections of public authorities to ensure powers are lawfully applied. All of this work is overseen by the Investigatory Powers Commissioner.

Sir Brian has already been in post for three years. He took over the role from Sir Adrian Fulford in October 2019. His appointment is to be renewed by the Prime Minister on Friday 21 October 2022.

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